Sonya, 19, lazy student with many dreams. I try to only post pictures with credit, so if you reblog, please don't delete the source. (If you see your picture on here and don't want it to be on tumblr, please contact me.)
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  • How did you emberras youself so much? Come on tell us a juicy story xoxoxo

    Asked by Anonymous

    Well, to start with it’s the guy that my friend shared flat with. And since we have every preparty there i cant avoid him. And I’ve only spoken to him while being drunk and that’s never a good thing.
    I dont know how to talk to him without sounding insulting haha, and i cant remember last time we got it on because i must have been really drunk cause i cant remember it. And now it’s just awkward and he probably thinks I’m a loser. Which is kind of true. So no juicy story just the fact that i cant handle things like this.

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